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Why Become an RVing Lifestyle Ambassador

If you are involved in the RVing world either on a full-time or part-time basis you have experienced how RVers put their guards down, especially when in campgrounds. It is different than what we are used to. It seems 180 degrees different than what you find in the average subdivision today. During these conversations thousands of ideas are shared, questions asked with many going unanswered.

You may have been the one asking the questions about the lifestyle! Wanting direction on how to move forward in your newly found RVing experience. Or, maybe you were wishing you had answers for the new friend asking the questions.

There have been many an RVer who has had these very thoughts and experiences. We have been listening to the many who have expressed the desire for a more organized resource that would provide answers and direction for the RVer who wants to grow and have the most awesome experience possible.

Workamper News, the number one resource in helping RVers connect with employer opportunities across the country now for 30 years, in affiliation with multiple other RVing related companies is proud to announce the NEW RVing Lifestyle Ambassador Program. We feel this program is the beginning answer to many requests for an organized program with tools for the RVer who desires to provide direction and assistance to their fellow RVer.

RVing Lifestyle Ambassadors will have training and tools to share with fellow RVers about resources and programs that will provide many of the answers that so many are seeking. Each Ambassador of the lifestyle will not only be able to provide direction for others, but will be developing their very own small business in the process.

This entire concept stands firm on the business philosophy of “if you help enough other people get what they want, you can have everything in life you want!” You will be providing the RVer who wants to learn and grow with answers and pathways they can take to grow into the lifestyle. In the day to day process of doing this, you will be building your very own small business. Taking what you love and turning it into a business. It doesn’t get any better than that!

As an RVing Lifestyle Ambassador you will be provided with resources to share and educate the RVer on many key topics and programs that are already in operation, along with new ones that will be added in the future.

Ambassador’s will have the ability to earn income from multiple companies. Not only will you be helping your fellow RVer, you will be living the American Dream to earn income and have added tax savings benefits you didn’t have before you became an Ambassador.

As an RVing Lifestyle Ambassador you will learn about the many educational resources available to share with inquiring friends. You will have the confidence and the tools to introduce and provide direction. This is what a good Ambassador does, provide support and direction with confidence that the receiver will improve their future life because of their direction. Can you visualize yourself in this role? Would you be a good Ambassador?

What an RVing Lifestyle Ambassador Does

RVing Lifestyle Ambassadors will have the knowledge and ability to share and educate about the following resources and the companies supporting them.

For RV Maintenance and Repair Education:

RV Tech Course, taught in live hands-on classes around the country with over 700 successful graduates over the past three years is highly recommended to all RVers!
This is a 5 day location based course, requiring the student to travel to and experience.

The course tuition is $1644 for the 5 days course. You will earn a $164 commission when someone registers for the course using your Ambassador code and completes the course.

RV Tech Course in a Box, is a newly developed resource that brings the training from the 5 day hands-on classroom to your computer screen anywhere you want to view it.

This is the next best thing to attending a live hands-on course and provides the student with RV technical training that will save the student from thousands of dollars in future repair costs and bad experiences. The course is provided on an external USB along with the training booklets. The cost of the product is $397. You will earn a $39.70 commission when someone purchases this product using your Ambassador code.

For Living the Workamper lifestyle:

Workamper News, the number one resource in helping great people find great jobs across America while RVing and seeing America. With the purchase of a very low cost annual Gold membership, you will provide multiple resources to the RVer who desires to travel and pay their way as they go. You will earn a $10 commission on the $39.95 annual first year subscription.

There will also be opportunity to market advertising opportunities for employers and commercial advertisers and earn commissions on the advertising. The income potential from this type of advertising will be more substantial with an understanding that it will take much more effort to develop and maintain. For example we will pay 25% commission of the entire first ad run to you as commission and 15% residual when they continue to run their ads. This will require that you touch base with your customer and maintain a good relationship.

As annual events such as Rendezvous and other new events being planned roll-out you will have the additional opportunity to promote these and earn commission from this activity. More to come on this activity in the near future.

Other Ambassador Coordinated Affiliations:

NRVIA (National RV Inspector Association) – when you introduce a potential member to NRVIA and they join you will earn a 10% commission for your efforts. The initial membership is $499 and you would earn a $49.99 commission.

So you see, this is just the beginning of the program. We will be working to develop affiliate relationships for you to promote so when you talk with anyone regarding the RVing lifestyle you will have an idea of options to provide them, no matter what the topic.

Let’s Get Started Today…

Are you ready to let your light shine as an RVing Lifestyle Ambassador?

When you register to become an Ambassador you will be provided the following:

  1. A starter kit of materials to begin promoting the various products and services.
  2. Your very own Ambassador affiliate identification that you would post on all of your marketing materials.
  3. Two Ambassador window decals that you will be able to proudly display.
  4. Training to assist you with the understanding of how to present the products and services to become the very best of Ambassadors.
  5. And so much more.

So Let’s Get You Signed Up!

We require that you receive the Ambassador Starter Kit and participate in the upcoming training events to be an RVing Lifestyle Ambassador.

The fee for the starter kit and initial training is just $97 including shipping and processing. *Outside of US, additional shipping charges may apply – we will contact you if so.*

You can get registered and order your kit below by clicking the Get Started NOW button.

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We look forward to helping you help others have a phenomenal RVing lifestyle.

Thanks for joining us.
Steve Anderson
Director of Possibilities

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